New Client: Adrian Peterson

The Mission of the Adrian Peterson Group is to serve as a role model for athletes in business by starting, managing and scaling socially responsible business opportunities that have a positive impact within local communities.


80% of athletes that will follow Adrian’s mission shall be financially stable more than 3 years after retirement where the financial stability stems from socially responsible impact investments.


It is well documented that more than 80% of professional athletes go broke less than 3 years after retirement. There is more than $400 million in new guaranteed bonus money being paid to professional athletes in the NFL and NBA each year.  High round draft picks are targeted and pressured into loans and investments by advisors, beginning a cycle of poor decision making throughout their careers. The outcome is that athletes are often personally and professionally abandoned once their funds are exhausted.


Step 1:

We can solve this problem by implementing a sustainable business method within the Company that begins by rolling up all assets and liabilities of existing investments made by Adrian Peterson.

Before Roll Up:


  • $11 million in real estate *
  • $7-11 million in physical assets (Depreciated)
  • $7 million in annual cashflow*


  • $11.5 million in liabilities
  • (High interest loans and collateralized debt)




  • $24-35 million in physical assets
  • $21 million cashflow* (unaudited)
  • 0 (ZERO) personal or company debt


  • $135 million*
  • (Subjective to demand)

Step 2: Marketing

Social Media Advantage


  • 3 million social media followers
  • Educate with social media about the benefits of investing in a Regulation A+ offering
  • Central online secondary marketplace for buying and selling of securities

Fans who are non-accredited investors can invest

  • After the Company qualifies with the SEC as a public company and state Blue-Sky laws
  • Exit strategy for early investors
  • Centralized online marketplace at

Step 3: Growth

Scale Existing Ventures

  • Real estate holdings: 100% ownership
  • *Texas Tea, all-natural drink: 17% own
  • *POW Productions, equipment leasing: 86%
  • *O Athletik Gym: 2k members, 37% ownership
  • *At least 3x scalability

Attract New Investors

Adrian Peterson has unprecedented access to decision makers with more than $9.8 billion in cashflow each year.

Incubator: Great opportunity to “spinoff” other athlete companies

2020 Rookie Bonuses: $188 million

Total Salaries: $6.1 billion


2019-20 Rookie Bonuses: $100 million

Total Salaries: $3.4 Billion




Recruit Pro Draft Clients

To be better, we must offer athletes something vastly different.

  • Living expenses derived from equity
  • Athlete owned captive insurance
  • No agent fees
  • Power of attorney retained by athlete
  • Arbitrage and leverage investing
  • Dividend based finance for family/friends
  • Tax deferred investment strategies
  • Centralized management team


Invest in Veterans

  • Veterans have great ideas but generally do not always qualify for traditional bank loans.
  • Invest and mentor veterans through equity-based incubator.
  • Exponential growth and loyalty by those that support veteran owned businesses.

Raising Capital – Why Regulation A+ Public Offering

  • Regulation A+ under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, Title IV, allows companies to offer and sell securities to the public.
  • Historically, investing in startups and other growth-stage companies has been a privilege of the wealthiest Americans only, i.e. Accredited Investors, people who make $200,000 or more for the two most recent years, or have a net worth of $1 million.
  • Regulation A+ opens investment opportunities for all people regardless of their net worth allowing members of the public the chance to invest in early stage and smaller companies and businesses.
  • Equity Marketplace –
  • Because not all public companies are publicly traded on a qualified exchange like the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, we created (with 360 Sports, Inc. As the Transfer Agent) in order to provide a centralized online marketplace where shareholders can buy or sell shares of our athlete-client businesses which qualify under Regulation A+, as well as shares of 360 Sports, Inc.
  • is where all investors, including the fans of our athlete-clients can invest in their companies, and where investors may exit depending upon demand.

Current Challenges

  • Decentralized asset management – (a lot of hands in the cookie jar)
  • Toxic debt
  • Negative press
  • Unproven social media marketplace
  • Expectation management of investors


  • Annual Cashflow: $7 million

O Athletik

  • Proven leadership
  • Strong brand
  • Year over year growth

Texas Tea

  • Proven leadership team
  • 3x growth since inception

POW Productions

  • Proven leadership team
  • Operating at 100% capacity
  • Product exclusivity

Competitive Advantage

  • Loyal fanbase
  • Diversified portfolio
  • No debt (post funding)
  • Direct access to decision makers
  • Scalability

Management Team

  • Robert F. Licopoli
  • Adrian Peterson
  • Chris Harrington
  • Lauren Sicard
  • Rudy Wyland
  • Ed Keidat
  • Vaugh Richmond

Exit Strategy


Restrictions removed after 12 months


Sell to private equity investment firms

REG A (upon qualification)

No restrictions

Buy and sell at

NASDAQ (upon qualification)

Spin off subsidiaries


More information can be found at